Position detection up to 1 mm


Real Time

0.08 second delay



Easy configuration and calibration


Thanks to the cameras and special equipment placed in the hands of the operators working on the assembly lines of the factories or on the assembly devices they use, OXO detects position at millimeter level, and ensures validity of the process steps by monitoring and controling them.

Process Validity Tracking
OXO, which monitors validity of the process in real time, prevents manufacturing errors by delivering warning tools such as sound, light, vibration to the operator at the time of error.
Flexible Configuration
Configuration of the OXO is done by entering the positions of the respective mounting points as inputs using the simple programming interface.
Stable System
Thanks to the developed hybrid technology, OXO always detects position.
Ability to Work in Moving Assembly Stations
OXO can also work in large moving assembly stations without a need for additional hardware.